1 in 6 American women will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime 

A sense of loss of control over his/her life

To preserve the evidence from the assault, you should not do the following things before seeking medical attention:

Take a shower

Brush your teeth

Use the bathroom

Common Reactions to Sexual Assault

What is sexual assault?

Know Your Options

Anger or frustration


Your Options Include:

1. Getting a Forensic Medical Exam to collect evidence and reporting to law enforcement.

2. Getting a Forensic Medical Exam and not reporting to law enforcement (Evidence is stored if you decide to report later).

3. Not participating in a Forensic Medical Exam and having a standard exam for any injuries you may have sustained.

4. To have a medical advocate present during the exam to discuss options and to ensure that your rights are protected. 

1 (800) 777-8868

Sexual Assault Services

24-Hour Crisis Line

Trained staff available to answer sexual assault crisis calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Fear of being alone or in crowds

Community Education

Provides presentations, workshops, and training sessions to raise awareness and educate the community about sexual assault

Any unwanted or non-consensual sexual contact forced on an individual by someone else. 

For more information regarding counseling services contact Paige Pellegrin at 985-872-0757 and for all other inquires, please call the crisis line number below: 

Secondary Survivors

Individual and group counseling for family and friends of survivors of sexual assault

Flashbacks of the assault

Domestic Violence Crisis Line: 1 (800) 915-0045

Sexual Assault Crisis Line: 1 (800) 777-8868


Feelings of powerlessness and helplessness

Legal Advocacy

Escort and assist survivors of sexual assault through the legal process of prosecution. May also include  a Sexual Assault Protective Order

Feelings of self-blame or guilt


Individual and group counseling for adults and children who are survivors of sexual assault

The act of sexual touching that is unwanted or non-consensual. This term is mostly used in the case of children or juveniles. 

Sexual Assault Services Available

Non-consensual or forced sex with someone. Rape can include forcing a body part or object into the vagina, rectum, or mouth. A perpetrator may be someone you know (an acquaintance), a family member, someone you are in an intimate relationship with, or a stranger. 

If you or someone you know has recently (within the last 72 hours) been sexually assaulted you are encouraged to go to the nearest hospital as soon as possible. 

Occurs when a mind-altering substance is administered to the victim without his/her knowledge or consent and a sexual assault occurs. 

Trouble concentrating

Medical Adovcacy

Provides support and advocacy for survivors during a forensic medical exam

Depression and anxiety 

Drug-Facilitated Sexual Assault

Sponsorship Levels