Domestic Violence Crisis Line: 1 (800) 915-0045

Sexual Assault Crisis Line: 1 (800) 777-8868


11th Grade-12th Grade

This program is designed to educate students on how to be an active bystander when witnessing dating violence

Prevention & Outreach 

Blurred Lines

College-Aged Students

Sessions are designed to educate college-aged students on the dynamics of domestic violence and sexual assault. Topic examples include: the relationship spectrum, stalking, intimate partner violence, and acquaintance rape. 

Along with The Haven's monthly "Lunch and Learn" series, The Haven also provides community education to any community partner who would like information regarding domestic violence, sexual assault, and related topics. Topics for community presentations can include: Domestic Violence 101, Sexual Assault 101, Childhood Trauma, Violence Prevention, Bystander Awareness, Trauma-Informed Care, and general information about the services and programs offered at The Haven. These programs can be delivered in a variety of settings and variations to fit your agency or organization's needs. To request a training, click on the link below and fill out the form.  You can also email Melissa at 

Outreach Services

Community Education & Engagement

Hands Are Not For Hitting

PreK-2nd Grade

Interactive book reading of "Hands are Not for Hitting" that is designed to educate children on positive uses for their hands, instead of hitting

Violence Prevention Lessons

Safe Dates

9th Grade-12th Grade

Throughout 12 sessions, students are educated about dating violence and how to develop healthy relationships

​​​​The violence prevention lessons can be delivered in a variety of session lengths and at various locations, including schools, youth organizations and after-school programs. To schedule a program, contact Melissa at


6th Grade-8th Grade

Sessions are designed to assist adolescents in developing positive social skills and build healthy relationships

Kids On The Block

3rd Grade

Two puppet shows designed to educate 3rd grade students on physical and sexual abuse

Care*Ageous Kids

4th Grade & 5th Grade

Designed to assist children develop positive social skills to reduce the likelihood of violence. This program is offered through 12 sessions or specific session can be selected. 

On the last Friday of every month, The Haven hosts a monthly "Lunch and Learn" series that is available to the public. The Lunch and Learn is designed to educate and engage the community on issues related to domestic violence and sexual assault. Lunch and Learn events are held at 12pm at the First United Methodist Church on Hwy 311 in Houma. To register for an upcoming Lunch and Learn, click on the Contact Us link below to fill out the form. For any questions regarding Lunch and Learn, contact Melissa at  

Lunch and Learn

Sponsorship Levels